Image of Priscilla Unger

Priscilla Unger

Vice President

In the business of making honey, the queen bee is the heart and soul of the colony. Priscilla Unger is the queen bee of Hunter – and like in nature, a quality queen means a productive hive. The royal title is misleading, because Hunter’s queen chooses the humble job functions that serve her ‘tribe,’ and that preserve Hunter’s unique results-oriented culture. Buzzing with energy, Priscilla prefers to fly under the radar and outside the status quo in style and thoughtfulness. Whether it’s a creative vision or serving the community, the charitable foundation, or a colleague or customer – being different makes all the difference. When she’s not adding food photos on Instagram, she’s mom to two teenaged boys and manages a modern homestead with husband David.

The Team at Hunter Residential Developments

When they’re respected, free to create solutions on their own, and can see how their work directly affects results, employees tend to work smarter. Customers reap the benefits with better service and a higher-quality product, plus a happy interaction with our team. The Hunter culture is the sum of these personalities, strengths and points of view. We respect common sense, and together we enjoy a uniquely gratifying commitment to service.