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David Unger


David Unger strives to be outstanding in his field. On most days, you’ll find David laced into hikers, outdoors. With construction experience working on job sites for his father beginning at age nine, he learned early on that prosperity and abundance can be found in the open air. And so, he is an avid sportsman whose home on a wooded acreage offers trails to run and fish to catch, plus his version of a head office where he oversees company decisions, streamlines processes for efficiency and quality, and manages costs for Hunter. He finds happiness stepping out onto the open terrain of developable land for sale, and evaluating it for next projects. David’s work allows customers to gain a quality real estate asset that is poised for growth in value, and built for quality and longevity. Outside of work, David is a father to two boys and a husband to Priscilla. He serves as a board member for a charitable foundation, and works hands-on with communities in poverty, constructing homes and schools, or creating business opportunities for locals.

The Team at Hunter Residential Developments

When they’re respected, free to create solutions on their own, and can see how their work directly affects results, employees tend to work smarter. Customers reap the benefits with better service and a higher-quality product, plus a happy interaction with our team. The Hunter culture is the sum of these personalities, strengths and points of view. We respect common sense, and together we enjoy a uniquely gratifying commitment to service.