Image of Karol Kolodziejczyk

Karol Kolodziejczyk

Site Manager

Some guys are sports cars. Others are trucks. Karol Kolodziejczyk is one of those models that is not confined to asphalt or perfect conditions. Rather, he’s the type that reliably motors through tough situations with resolve, and without delay. As site manager, he’s in charge of keeping trades coming and going at the right times and completing quality work. Homeowners receive a superior-built home for the best price, because Karol ensures time and materials are maximized. Meanwhile he’s gracious and obliging; he will plunge into muddy and less-glorious grunt work to ensure everyone’s productivity. Outside of work, Karol is family-focused, and rides along to the speed of a busy household with his wife and preschooler.

The Team at Hunter Residential Developments

When they’re respected, free to create solutions on their own, and can see how their work directly affects results, employees tend to work smarter. Customers reap the benefits with better service and a higher-quality product, plus a happy interaction with our team. The Hunter culture is the sum of these personalities, strengths and points of view. We respect common sense, and together we enjoy a uniquely gratifying commitment to service.